The Town Office in Olds is located at 4512 46 St, along Highway 27. Residents are able to pay their utility bills at this office, at their banks, or online.
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Toilet Rebate Program

Contact - Utilities Administrator

Your big, old toilet is costing you a fortune! A toilet can waste thousands of litres of water every year, figuratively flushing your money down the drain. New six-litre toilets with proven technology can give the same results with less water, saving up to two-thirds water with every flush, and saving you up to $100 per year in water and sewer charges.

The Toilet Replacement Program gives Olds citizens an opportunity to receive a toilet replacement Rebate for replacing old toilets with new water saving toilets. Applicants may be eligible for a toilet replacement Rebate by installing water saving six-litre, 4.5 litre or three-litre / six-litre dual flush toilets. Rebates are $50 per toilet. Maximum of five toilet replacement Rebates per Utility account.

Toilet replacement Rebates are processed on a first-come, first-processed basis. Incomplete applications will be returned. Retroactive applications may also be considered from January 1, 2007 onward.

How the Toilet Replacement Program Works
STEP 1 - Determine your Eligibility

Eligible Applicants
  • Current Town of Olds Water & Wastewater Utility customer
  • Utility Account in good standing
  • Property built before January 2007
  • Have a 13-litre or 20-litre toilet to replace

STEP 2 - Purchase a new water-saving toilet

Six-litre (6L), 4.5-litre or three-litre / six-litre (3L/6L) dual flush toilets. Sales receipts must be included with your application. Maximum of five toilet replacement Rebates per Utility account.

STEP 3 - Toilet Disposal

Complete an Application Form at Town Office so that staff may verify the toilet's eligibility for a Rebate.
Dispose of toilet appropriately.

STEP 4 - Send in your Application

To Receive your Rebate - Send in:
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Original sales receipt for new toilet. (keep a copy for your records)

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