Throughout the year the Municipal Enforcement staff help out with street closures and security for events such as Summer Oldstice, held each June in Uptowne Olds.
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Not all pets are fine when left outside and unsupervised without a heated shelter. Just because your dog has fur, it does not mean he can withstand the cold. Click here for some of our tips for your pet in the winter.

Town of Olds Public Works staff clear snow off the streets each winter. Photo courtesy Noel West, Olds Albertan.

The Olds College Grounds are abundant with flowers every year. With this heritage, it is vital we maintain control of weeds throughout the entire town. Pictured: Olds College Land Sciences Building.

Municipal Enforcement

Contact - Bylaw Enforcement

Report a Problem | Pets | Spay/Neuter Cats | Snow Removal | Care of Properties | Enforcement/Compliance Continuum


Unsightly Premises
Noxious Weeds
Residential Parking
Dogs & Cats

Community Standards Bylaw - Consolidated Copy

For a listing of Town of Olds Bylaws, please go to Bylaws

Cat and Dog Licenses

The Community Standards Bylaw 2015-08 requires cats, as well as dogs, to be licensed. Fill in the Animal License application and bring to the Town Office for payment and issuance of dog and cat tags.

Animal License Application

Lost Pets & Impoundment

To help reunite you with your lost dog or cat ensure your animal license and contact information is up to date with the Town. If the owner cannot be located, the dog or cat may be impounded.

If you find a lost pet, the tag number may be entered on the Town's website Online services at Animal Owner Search. If you cannot find the owner, call Bylaw to file a report (403-507-4859).

Pets in Public Spaces

Cats and dogs are not allowed to be "at large". When off the owner's property, they must be leashed and under the control of a competent person. The only exception is in the designated Off-Leash Dog Park. When using the off-leash area, dog owners must ensure their dog is under control. This means the dog is within their owner's sight and responds to commands.

When using trails within the Town, ensure at all times that animals do not interfere with, or obstruct other pathway users.

A cat trap may be obtained from the Town to humanely trap a cat that is at large on a homeowner's property.

Owners must not leave their animals unattended in a vehicle unless there is suitable ventilation and weather conditions are appropriate. Animals must also be restricted to prevent access to people outside the vehicle.

Spay/Neuter Program for Cats

If you are in a position where the cost to spay or neuter your cat would be an economic barrier, you may apply for funding through the Spay/Neuter Program at the Town.

The Town of Olds will pay a portion of costs to spay or neuter your cat:
Spay: 50% of the cost up to maximum $105
Neuter: 50% of the cost up to maximum $60

Please contact Municipal Enforcement at 403-507-4859 or email for further information.

Snow Removal

All snow and ice must be removed from public sidewalks, including private driveway crossings, within 48 hours after a new snowfall. Please clean entire width of sidewalk to ensure pedestrian safety.

Snow is not allowed to be deposited onto any public sidewalk, alley or street.

Care of Properties

An owner is required to control all yard material on their property and on any adjoining boulevard including the alley. Any vegetation overhanging a boulevard, road or alley must have a clearance of 4 metres; and for sidewalks, a clearance of 3 metres.

Vegetation located at the intersection roadway, other than an alley, must be trimmed back to a height of 1 metre. Sight lines must be maintained.

Click here for an enlargement of the Town of Olds Enforcement and Compliance Continuum.
Click here for an enlargement of the Town of Olds Enforcement and Compliance Continuum.

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